Craughwell National School

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Green Flag

We are now on our fifth theme of  The Green Schools programme ‘Biodiversity’.

 Biodiversity is the variation of living organisms from all sources, terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and all the habitats of which they are part.

Green School Committee 2014/15

green schools 2014.15

We must also continue our work on:

Theme 1:Reducing litter & waste (segregating waste in the classrooms, recycling where possible, litter picking, encourage the children to bring home wrappers,cartons,bottles etc from their lunch)

Theme 2:Conserving energy (Turning off lights, Turning off electrical equipment rather than leaving on standby, Closing doors and windows to keep in the heat, turn off taps)

Theme 3: Water (Monitor water use wherever & whenever possible, Raise awareness that simple actions can cut down water use substantially)

Theme 4:Travel (Encourage whole-school to walk, cycle, car pool or  take bus to school)

Green School Committee 2013 – 2014

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June 2013

We have been awarded our FOURTH Green Flag – for the travel theme. Thank-you to the children , staff and parents of Craughwell N.S. and also Ray Foley of An Taisce for all their support. Our W.O.W. and C.O.W days have been a great success and we have reduced the number of children travelling to school by car. Every child walking and cycling must wear a high visibility vest so that they are safe and seen by other road users.

Our hard-working Green Schools Committee


Adam Shaughnessy & Kira Davy missing from photo.

 Here are some pictures of our W.O.W and C.O.W days this year.


Golden Boot Award made by Rang a Cúig



DR Bike Workshop with Ray Foley 24.04.13




Our Green Flag flies proudly outside our school. We try to reduce our waste, reuse things that we can make use of again and we recycle as much as we can.

For our first Green Flag we had to focus on recycling in our school. We now separate all our rubbish into recyclable items (such as plastics, paper and cardboard) and non recyclable items (such as tissue). We also have explored composting.

Our second Green Flag was based on energy saving. We turn off the lights in our classrooms when we are outside playing. We dont leave our taps running when we are washing our hands.

This year we will start work on the theme of travel. We will be looking at the impact of cars on our environment. Later in the year we will look at the possibility of walking or cycling to school.

W.O.W. Walk on Wednesday

We had our first Walk on Wednesday on 25th April with a fantastic turn out of over 60 pupils and many parents. Our Park and Stride location was St Michaels Hall and we gathered there at 8.50 am. Ms Dolan and Ms Parkinson walked and Mr Mannion cycled ahead taking photos. We even had a Garda escort! We significantly reduced the number of cars on our route that morning and we hope to have even more children involved over the coming Wednesdays.