Craughwell National School

Craughwell NS, SN Chreachmhaoil,

Naíonáín Mhóra 2017/18 Ms Dolan

 Fáilte to Senior Infants 2017/18

Fáilte go Naíonán Mhóra an bhlian seo! Welcome back to everyone! We have 24 in our class this year, 12 very smart girls and boys. We are looking forward to learning new things throughout the year!


Here we are!



Here we are making some patterns and sorting for maths…



All Ireland fever!

Galway are playing Waterford in the All Ireland Huring final very soon and we can’t wait. The Galway car came in to the school today!



Autumn – An Fómhar

Autumn time is here! The leaves are turning brown, red, orange and yellow and are falling off. We went on a nautre walk to see what we could find!


Skip n’ Rope

Mark McCabe from Skip ‘n Rope Ireland came in to teach us fun ways in how to skip. Here are some pictures of us!

Autumn Art- Finger painting and colourful hats


Liam McCarthy visits us!

Thomas Monaghan from Craughwell hurling club and All-Ireland winner came into the school with the league, Leinster and All Ireland Liam McCarthy! He visited our class and we got to ask him some questions and see the cup.


October/November 2017

Ms. O’Reilly is in teaching some lessons with Ms. Dolan for the next few weeks. She plays for Galway Camogie team and we were all excited when she won an All-Star recently. It is her third and she even brought it into the class! Here are pictures of some of the things weve been doing…patterns….


….Halloween and autumn themes…….



The Science Fair

6th class put on a science fair in the hall. We visited it with Ms. O’Reilly, Ms. Dola, Pauline and Judy. We saw some cool things. Our favourite thing was the slime!




Santa in Craughwell NS!

Show and tell in Senior Infants

We recently had two interesting things in our classroom for show and tell. Arbri brought in his pet hedgehog and Evie brought in her dog Millie. They were lovely and behaved very well!



Hurling and Camogie

Gerry Spellman has been coming into train us whenever he can. We mainly train in the Astro but if it’s raining we train in the hall. Most of us reckon we will play with Galway when we are older! Our teacher does too!



We we recently celebrated Pancake / Shrove Tuesday. It was impossible to eat them without getting chocolate spread on our faces!!




Brain break!!!

Every day after break and lunch we do a brain break to rest our minds. We started with 1 minute but not have increased it to 2 mins and 10 seconds. Judy, Pauline and Ms. Dolan also do it with us. We also try to do some class yoga once a week.


Love is is in the air!

Here we are making some clay hearts for our loved ones!


Rince  mór!

We did some céile dancing with Mary the dancing teacher to celebrate St. Patrick’s week. We also performed some amhrainí for our taispeantas and did some St. Patrick’s art.









Our Planet hats!


Fairy Doors!

Wassa Wassa drumming June 6th



School Tour to Tearaway in Birr!