Craughwell National School

Craughwell NS, SN Chreachmhaoil,

Naíonáin Mhóra 2017/18 Ms Moloney

      Fáilte to Senior Infants 2017/18

Hello, and welcome to our page. Here we are, our first group photo on our second day in our new class with our teacher Ms. Moloney. It was a lovely start to our year together, as Galway are playing in the All Ireland Hurling Final on Sunday. What a lovely surprise we all had to see a Galway car parked in front of our school. So here we all are, young Galway fans, supporting our county. Look! What’s that in front of us on the ground? Is it the cup, returned to Galway? Let’s hope so!

Well, here we all are, our first class photo; all 24 of us plus our teacher. We are looking forward to a great year together, filled with learning, discovering and exploring in a fun way.

What fun maths is! Today we learnt that a pair meant ‘two’, and then the fun began. We put our shoes into a pile and then had to sort them into pairs.  We had a competition to see which team could sort them the fastest. When it was all over, we had to find our own pair of shoes. Yes! Maths is such fun!

More maths! Sorting, this time. We discussed in groups how we would like to sort various objects. Then we got really good at it and sorted using two attributes. Some of us even tried three.

We had a very exciting day today. Guess what it was! Our maroon and white gear is a good clue. Yes! You guessed! The Liam McCarthy Cup arrived. What a year Galway have had. As you can see, they had three other great victories. We are so very proud to be Galway supporters. We also wrote about the visit.

We really enjoyed our autumn nature walk. We identifited the horse chestnut, oak, ash and beech trees and their fruits. We even came across a beech hedge. We found lichen, moss and ivy. Only two wood louse had checked into The Bug Hotel. Some shrubs were flowering for the autumn. We also had free foraging time. Our sample bags were bursting when we finished. We loved ;our autumn nature walk. great fun! See you for our winter nature walk. Slán!

Here we are once again. We loved decorating our masks for Halloween. Hope you enjoy our before and after photos. Can you guess who’s who?

At last! Celebrating Halloween at school before our Halloween break. We had a great time. We all dressed up and told the class about ourselves, we took photos, had a slice of Bairín Breac each to see who would get the fáinne. We got nice things from the ~Parent’s Council and we watched other classes perform a song or a poem for Halloween. We performed a poem. Happy Halloween everyone. Enjoy our Halloween photos.

Teacher with her witch daughter, and her pet wolf!

Sixth class invited us into the hall for science week. They had lots of exciting experiments. There was a volcano and a rocket which launched into space. We had a great time and ended it.




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We really enjoyed our winter nature walk. There were a lot of changes from our autumn nature walk. It was colder so we had to wear coats and hats to trap our body heat. Do you know where all the leaves have gone and why? We do! A lot of berries had disappeared. We did not pick the ones which were left. We left them for the hungry birds to eat. Look who found one lonely conker. Do you know what happened to all the others? We do! Ask us!

We had a lovely treat today. We were invited by Mr. Mannion’s class to the halla to see what they had done for Science Week. It was really good. We saw how the weather report worked on T.V., and how to make yourself, or part of your body look invisible on T.V.


Do you like our Christmas art work. We are very proud of it. Teacher sorted us into small groups and told us we had to learn to get on well with the others in our group and decide what colours to use, and who would do what before we started. We were not allowed to ask the teafcher anything as we had to decide ourselves how to manage. I think we got on great in wour groups. What do you think?

December is such fun. Here we are, spreading out the branches of our classroom Christmas tree.

Here we are in our costumes for our Christmas Play called:”Whoops-A-~Daisy Angel. It was great fun. We loved doing and performing for everyone.

This is us doing our Santa Dash. It was such fun. Everyone in the school did it. We paid 2 euro each to take part. We all wore something to do with Christmas and ran. Even Santa, his reindeer and all his elves joined us. Our teacher was very upset when she didn’t win the best dressed Christmas costume on a teacher. She thought she would win when she attached two baubles to her Santa hat. She says she will attach 3 next year, adn maybe she might win then.

Another lovely Christmas treat. The children from Ms.McDermott’s class became authors and wrote  and illustrated Christmas stories suitable for children of our age group. They cameto our classroom and read them to us in groups. We asked questions about the stories and thought they were very good. Now we want to write one of our own.


We had great fun on Shrove Tuesday making, tossing and serving pancakes. We all had a turn tossing and were very good at it. Teacher told us that when sombody tossed the pancake last year, it ended up in someone’s schoolbag!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. We learnt about him, wrote about him, made lovely Saint Patrick’s Day hats. We are very proud to be Irish!





Chanamar amhrán san halla le haghaidh Seachtain na Gaeilge


Today is Down Syndrome World Day. To help raise money, we each brought a small amount of money to school so that we could wear our favourite pair of socks. Here we are showing them off. Which is your favourite pair?