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Rang a Ceathair 2017/18 Mr Mannion

 Fáilte go Rang a Ceathair 2017/18

You are very welcome to our 4th Class webpage. We are delighted to be back to school with all our friends.


Visit of Thomas Monaghan and Liam McCarthy

On Monday 9th October we were delighted to have Thomas Monaghan bring the Liam McCarthy cup our school. We cheered and sang songs for him in the hall.




Thomas then called to all the classes and we had 4 minutes with him. Time was tight so we had practised getting into our photo positions many times. We were so quick we managed to get a photo of everyone in the class with the cup! An all that in just over 3 minutes! We had time for one question: Did Thomas prefer winning the All-Ireland minor title as a player or the senior title as a sub? He told us that winning the senior title was special.

Learning the counties by heart

We are having fun with our competition to see who can say the 32 counties of Ireland off by heart. We are practising this regularly and the current record is 9.97 seconds! Very impressive. Being able to say all the counties by heart is impressive, any score under 20 seconds is amazing.

Click below to hear our record holder in action

How fast could you name them all?


Skipping workshop with Mark,  18th September

Drámaíocht Mirror images!

1st September

Galway are playing in the All Ireland Hurling final so we made headbands to support our teams…



We all learned how to plait using 3 strands of wool



We even made extra for the other teachers and SNAs!


Galiimih Abú

Hopefully the hurlers will bring home the real thing!



We also got to look at a real All-Ireland medal. We hope there’ll be a few more in the county next Monday!