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Rang a Ceathair 2017/18 Mr Mannion

 Fáilte go Rang a Ceathair 2017/18

You are very welcome to our 4th Class webpage. Below is a visual log of our year. Enjoy!

Turas Scoile go Páirc an Chrócaigh



Our fist casts using clay and plaster



Wassa Wassa Drumming Workshop


Spring and summer growth

We have planted flowers and it is great to see them grow. Hopefully we will have some blooms before the end of June


Fist casts with clay and plaster

CNS Talent Show


Blacksmith in action



Dismantling hard drives to remove the magnets inside


Medieval weaponry and arms


Baskets with Lollipop Sticks

Our Origami Swans


Zumba Dancing with Fabiane



Féach thíos agus muid ag canadh “Riptide” as Gaeilge do Sheachtain na Gaeilge. Tá and canadh agus an seinm go hálainn.



We made crosses in our Art class from clothes pegs. We then “varnished” them with PVA glue to give them a finished look. Aren’t they lovely?



Seachtain na Gaeilge




We have been working on our gymnastics skills in Physical Education for the past few weeks. We are mastering the crab crawl, knee walk, forward and backward rolls, hand stand and headstand and the cartwheel. We have also worked on the bridge. We have had great fun and have improved each week.


St Brigid’s Day

The 1st February is St Brigid’s day and we have been making traditional crosses from rushes. We have mastered the technique and are proud of our craft work.


Surface Tension on Water

We learned that pond skaters are insects that can walk on water. They use the surface tension of the water to stop them from sinking. We were able to demonstrate this in class by getting a darning needle to float on water using the surface tension. First we put it on a piece of tissue to get it to float. Then we poked the tissue til it sank and the needle stayed afloat using the “skin” of the water.



Santa Dash

We had great fun in the Santa Dash on Friday 15th December. Our whole class dressed up as Santa sleigh with reindeer, presents and elves all part of the team. We even won the competition for being the best dressed !


Tá an Nollaig ag teacht


Rinne na páistí maisiúcháin Nollag ar scoil inniu agus chroch Mr Mannion iad ar na ballaí. Nach bhfuil siad go hálainn?

Galway Science and Technology Festival

Our class hosted a stand at the Science and Technology Exhibition in NUIG on 26th November. We demonstrated the chroma-keying process and showed lots of examples such as doing the weather forecast, traffic report and how it is used in film-making. We had teams of children presenting for the whole day, from 9.30am to 5.30pm. They were brilliant and our stand received lots of compliments and positive comments. Have a look at the photos below and all the smiles on the faces of the visitors to our stand. They were entertained and educated!


Conor Clifford, GSTF and Paul Mee, Chairman, Galway Science and Technology Festival with children from Craughwell NS and Dara Mannion –Teacher 4th class at the Galway Science and Technology festival exhibition in NUI Galway


Our Green Screen Demonstration

We have been working hard researching the process of Chroma-Keying (green screen technology). We will be hosting a stand at the Galway Science and Technology festival on Sunday 26th November. We demonstrated our presentation for all the classes in the school today.


Weather forecast!

Green screen effects in films


Explaining Green Screen Technology

Traffic Report

The weatherman


Dramatic Freeze Frames



Olympic athletes


Chariot racing


Aoife turns the children of Lir into swans


Caomhóg blesses the children and the become human again. At 900 years of age they die following their conversion.


Wild boy of Aveyron


Capturing the wild boy of Aveyron

Our Water sediment Experiment

We were studying how the water is treated before it reaches our taps. One of the processes is sedimentation. We took a bottle of clean water and added stones, sand and clay.


We shook it all together and we had a cloudy mixture which would not be healthy to drink!


After a day the sediment was beginning to settle



After 3 days the water was quite clear. It was ready to the next stage of the water treatment process which involves adding chemicals to get the tiny particles to stick together. This is called flocculation.




We performed our version of Ghostbusters for the other classes and they performed for us. We had great fun entertaining one another.

Visit of Thomas Monaghan and Liam McCarthy

On Monday 9th October we were delighted to have Thomas Monaghan bring the Liam McCarthy cup our school. We cheered and sang songs for him in the hall.




Thomas then called to all the classes and we had 4 minutes with him. Time was tight so we had practised getting into our photo positions many times. We were so quick we managed to get a photo of everyone in the class with the cup! An all that in just over 3 minutes! We had time for one question: Did Thomas prefer winning the All-Ireland minor title as a player or the senior title as a sub? He told us that winning the senior title was special.

Learning the counties by heart

We are having fun with our competition to see who can say the 32 counties of Ireland off by heart. We are practising this regularly and the current record is 9.97 seconds! Very impressive. Being able to say all the counties by heart is impressive, any score under 20 seconds is amazing.

Click below to hear our record holder in action

How fast could you name them all?


Skipping workshop with Mark,  18th September

Drámaíocht Mirror images!

1st September

Galway are playing in the All Ireland Hurling final so we made headbands to support our teams…



We all learned how to plait using 3 strands of wool



We even made extra for the other teachers and SNAs!


Galiimih Abú

Hopefully the hurlers will bring home the real thing!



We also got to look at a real All-Ireland medal. We hope there’ll be a few more in the county next Monday!