Craughwell National School

Craughwell NS, SN Chreachmhaoil,

Rang a Dó 2017/18 Mr Colleran

Chinese New Year 2018

We made paper dragons puppets!


Fun With Sphero

Image result for sphero   Image result for sphero

Imagine having a robot that you can control straight from your smartphone. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, you can stop daydreaming about it, because it’s a real thing and we had it in our classroom.

It’s called Sphero (for its spherical shape) and we controlled and programmed it directly from your Mr Colleran’s I-pad and even from his I-phone via Bluetooth. We simply connected the robot just like you would any other Bluetooth device. It’s really simple and great fun to play and learn with.

Our two Chief Controllers

Test 1

Can it survive a crazy ramp? (Over the Rolla Book)

Success… survived!

….And it’s fast!

Taking turns!

Under the legs…….feeling the need for speed!!

Sphero is packed with sensors — gyroscope, accelerometer, location,

We could measure how fast Sphero travelled using the accelerometer, but you can do many more interesting and fun things with Sphero.


Santa Dash 2017

Our Christmas Play

Big Bad Ben of Bethlehem


Deireadh Fómhar


Oíche Shamhna Taispeantáis

We danced and sang our hearts out doing the Monster Shuffle and

a very scary poem as Gaeilge ‘An Choill Dubh Dorcha’

Rinneamar ealaín álainn!  – we made wonderful art projects for the

Halloween Art Competition


Having fun playing some traditional Halloween Games!

It’s harder than it looks!


Some seriously spooky ghouls and ghosts in second class.

We learned all about castles in Medieval Ireland

A castle is a large strong building, built in the past by a ruler or important person to protect the people inside from attack. They were both a home and a fortress.

We learned all about the many features of the castles including moats, drawbridge, high walls, battlements, ramparts, arrow slits, the keep, the winding staircases inside the towers and turrets.

We also learned about the many rooms and their different functions within the castles

  • The Great Hall.
  • Bed Chambers.
  • Solars.
  • Bathrooms, Lavatories and Garderobes.
  • Kitchens, Pantries, Larders & Butteries.
  • Gatehouses and Guardrooms.
  • Chapels & Oratories.
  • Cabinets and Boudoirs.

Amazing Castle Art

 Edvard Munch.

We enjoyed learning all about a famous artist named Edvard Munch. Edvard Munch  12 December 1863 – 23 January 1944 was a Norwegian Painter and printmaker.

We studied a painting of his called The Scream.

The Scream is the most well-know of Munch’s paintings. There are actually four versions of the work (two in pastel, and two in paint). One of the pastel versions sold for more than $100 million in 2012

We drew our own versions using oil pastels – it was fun blending the colours!

Then we got to talking about all the things that can make you feel like screaming sometimes  – like homework or when you miss a penalty or when you trip and hurt your knee or being made to eat all of your broccoli before you can have dessert! There are lots of things in life that can make you feel like screaming and that’s ok! Sometimes it feels good to let out a scream!


A special day for our school, a visit from Thomas Monaghan with the Liam McCarthy Cup, the Minor Cup, the Leinster Cup and the League Cup! Wow …..that’s alot of cups!


Méan Fómhair – 2017


Gaillimh Abú!