Craughwell National School

Craughwell NS, SN Chreachmhaoil,

Rang a Sé 2017/18 Ms Freaney

Fáilte go Rang a Sé and our last year in C.N.S. 🙂

Our Christmas Play ‘The Evolution of Music’ and the Santa Dash

Science Week in 6th class

-making lighthouse circuits, chromatography art and our science fair!

Witches’ Spell

Grab your ingredients, stir them around

Listen for that bubbling sound

What’s in the cauldron can’t be told

Toenail clippings full of mould

Tongue of a lizard and a snake’s slimy skin

Eye of a newt and blood in a tin

Dog’s toe and a pig’s tail

Wing of a bird a slime of a snail

Cooked eyeballs smeared with mud

Human’s head oozing with blood

Cow’s udder and a sheep’s heart

Dragon’s scales and a baboon’s fart

Vampire teeth and a witch’s wart

Animal fur of some sort

Carefully and slowly bring to boil

Brimming with mischief, trouble and toil.

By Erin Kelly


We have been discussing silent films in drama and decided to make our own! Click the link below to see the trailer for ‘The Spooky School on Shady Lane’. Credit to Cian on editing and directing and Callum O’H on props! 🎭📽 The full silent film is too large to put on the website so if you would like to see it just send in a USB and I can put it on it for you!


Halloween masks!

Learning about Hurricane Ophelia and building anemometers to test wind speed.

To make it a fair test we will measure the wind speed three times daily for a week and get averages. This is to allow for gusts and lulls. We measured the speed by the number of rotations per minute. We also figured out it is better to use cardboard than straws and to make sure to measure accurately! Some of us made a close prediction… today’s wind speed was 13.2 rotations per minute on average!

We had some fun today preparing ‘eyeball popcorn’ for a witch’s party in art class!🍿

Today Thomas Monaghan visited with the cups- we sang songs, took a picture and asked him questions! Thank you Thomas!

Rang a Sé

Trend Graphs in Maths

Na Mothúcháin

Making Dreamcatchers

Maths Stations

Rang a Sé peer tutoring!